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The Clear Skin Sessions

Imagine never having to worry about acne again. 


You feel and look amazing every day - with tons of energy,  glowing skin, and the best health of your life.  You own it.


I am here to help you make that dream a reality. 

Do you ever...

  • Dread looking in the mirror each morning because you don't like what you see?

  • Feel like you could live your best life if only you looked and felt better?

  • Avoid living your life to its fullest because your skin and health make you feel sad and self-conscious?

  • Avoid social situations because you don't have the energy - or you are embarrassed about the way you look?

  • Spend too much time and money trying to look your best?  And the results are not what you want?

  • Feel as though your health is holding you back from true beauty and vitality?

I get it.

I've been through it all.  Debilitating acne.  Massive hair loss.  Aging skin.  Chronic candida. Digestion issues. Constipation. Headaches.  Fatigue. Anxiety. PCOS. 3 Miscarriages - and then 3 Heart Attacks.


I understand the devastation that poor health can wreak on your beauty and self-confidence. In my late 20s I developed awful, painful cystic acne that pretty much changed me - along with a host of other conditions..


I went from being successful, confident and out-going to  hiding away from the world.  


I was desperate. I tried everything my doctors suggested to help me heal my body but nothing worked. 


So I went back to school to study naturopathic medicine so that I could discover how to balance my mind and body from the inside out so that I could live the life of my dreams.  And I did it.


I have since worked with hundreds of patients as a Naturopathic Doctor to help them transform their health, their self-confidence and help them cultivate their true beauty from the inside out.


And now, I want to help you uncover the health and beauty that you are dreaming of so that you can live the life of your dreams.

Introducing Naturopathic Beauty's Transformational Journey


Look and feel beautiful.

Initial Consultation

I am going to dive deep into your health history, including a full clinical intake and a review of the necessary testing to help evaluate the root cause of your health issues.


It is during this consult that we develop our strategy and initial health protocol.

Follow-up Consultations

Two 30-minute online consults will allow us to evaluate where you are at and if any changes need to made in your protocol.


It is also a time to address how you are feeling mentally and emotionally.

7-Week Clear Skin Program

Get lifetime access to my best-selling 7-Week Clear Skin Program, including all the bonuses,  which will give you a solid foundation to help you balance your body and clear your skin.


If you are already a member of this program, a discount will be given to you on my coaching package.


Personalized Health Plan

An individualized health protocol will be presented to you including diet, supplement, and lifestyle suggestions.


This protocol will be modified as your health changes and you begin to heal.

Weekly Email Check-In

Sometimes you need support and accountability - and you have questions that need to be answered!  


Each week you will have the opportunity to connect with me via email and get the support / accountability / cheerleading that you need to continue on your journey to health and beauty.

Personalized Skincare Regime

I will help you create a natural, effective skincare regime that will make your skin absolutely glow.  Whether your issue is acne, aging skin, or any other skin issue - I will help you discover the skin you have always dreamed about.




Get ready to transform your health and beauty from the inside out - and live your life to its very fullest!

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Dr. Stacey Shillington ND, the only Naturopathic Doctor specializing in acne and skin treatment.





Case Studies

A.M. was one of the first women to join Naturopathic Beauty's 7-Week Clear Skin Program. A busy mom of two (including a small baby), she had been suffering from break-outs since her 20s. She had tried everything to get rid of her acne, including diets, detoxes, supplements and medications. Nothing worked. After 2 weeks of being on the 7-Week Clear Skin Program, she experienced no new break-outs or spots for the first time since her acne began.


Her progress continued through the program, and after over 10 years of struggling her skin is now clear. As she told me "For the first time in a long time I can walk into a room and smile. I finally feel comfortable talking and being myself."

I love this case study so much because the results are so beautiful - and EJ joined the program to clear up her skin in time for her wedding. As you can see in the top picture, she suffered from deep, cystic acne on her cheeks, chin and jawline. EJ suffered from these break-outs for years and years - she had tried everything! Within a few months of implementing the program, her skin was perfect and glowing for her wedding.

The best part - she was able to conceive within weeks of getting married! Her hormones had balanced themselves out beautifully.



When SE first joined the program her skin was flaring up badly on her cheeks. She was also suffering with daily headaches, constipation, sinus infections and really poor digestion.

Within a few months of being on the program, SE is completely free of her headaches, constipation, her digestion has improved and her sinus congestion has gone away. And her skin has calmed down completely. The inflammation has gone and she no longer has painful, cystic lesions on her face.

NB had been suffering from acne for years and had spent a ton of money on dermatologists, naturopaths and other therapists. After being on the program for a few months her skin cleared right up.

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Your Guide


At the age of 28 my health fell apart and it literally changed my life.   I went from being outgoing, successful and happy to literally curling up in the fetal position hoping that my awful cystic acne would disappear -along with my constant headaches, fatigue, constipation, anxiety and hair loss.  I felt absolutely awful - and ugly.

To make matters worse, I could not find a solution. Doctors wanted me to go on medications that I was not comfortable with and the thousands of dollars I spent on topical lotions and potions was pretty much wasted. In sheer desperation, I went back to school for 4 years to study naturopathic medicine - I knew that there had to be a way to heal acne.


After many years of studying and over a decade of treating patients in clinical practice I can say that I am an expert at balancing the body from the inside out and helping women cultivate their health and beauty so that they can live their very best lives. 

I live and practice in Toronto, Ontario with my husband and two boys. If you want to know more about me follow me on Facebook and Instagram and check out my website at www.naturopathicbeauty.com.

Dr. Stacey Shillington ND

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